This week we were honored with a visit from a very special guest–and a very dear friend of Free Wheelchair Mission’s.

Diego Nieto is the executive director of our distribution partner in Ecuador, Fundación Vista Para Todos. Located in Quito, la Fundación has served over 7,000,000 people throughout Ecuador providing all manner of medical care to the people who need it most. He is completely in love with FWM and has been since he found out about us in 2005.

To date the Fundación has received six containers since it became our distribution partner in 2006. Diego has said that he will be our partner for as long as we want to partner with him because he believes that Ecuador badly needs these wheelchairs–and we love having him on our team.

Diego flew all the way here to visit with us, talk about how he sees our wheelchairs working in the field and to present Don with a plaque that symbolizes our ongoing partnership with Fundación to serve impoverished disabled people in Ecuador–and around the world. Thank you so much, Diego, and the Fundación for your continued support of Free Wheelchair Mission: we can’t do anything without partners like you.


2 thoughts on “A Very Special Guest from Ecuador!

  1. Hello Diego,
    So nice to see you and hope you have a wonderful time at Free Wheelchair Mission and in California! Be sure to have Don show you a fun time while you are here!

    Send our love back to Ecuador,
    Laurie Rosin from Chicago

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