Our Pastor of Church Development got a letter last week from some of our ambassadors who decided to combine two things they love: surfing and giving. We love seeing all the different ways people come up with to help others get mobility so it’s exciting to share this with you today. Thanks so much, Chris and friends, for your dedication to Free Wheelchair Mission!

Mike –

Just thought I’d let you know we had a great day on Tuesday distributing the wheelchairs.  What a blessing it was to be a part of such a monumental event in people’s lives –it was very powerful.  The partner down here was great to work with and we added to our team with the host of the resort we were staying with and another guest.   

A few things that really stood out [to me] were the obvious impact it will have on the recipients themselves; the even larger emotional need of love that I saw in the recipients through basic human interface and the need to just be “touched” – we had one 84-year-old gentleman who, when asked if there was anything else that he’d like, his answer was, “just a hug from one of those two guys;” and I personally was very aware of what a life changing impact that God’s gift of a wheelchair will have on the caretakers of the recipients: it just floored me to catch a glance of them standing in the back of the room being very appreciative for the chair, but also recognizing that their life would radically different as well…

To you and all your team there, we thank you for all your hard work you put in to assist in making this happen, it was incredible blessing not only to the recipients and their families, but all our team as well.   

God is incredibly good.   

PS- we’re getting some great surf too 🙂

Chris B.


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