This week’s Monday Recap–enjoy!

April 6, 2012

Greetings , and happy Friday Monday!

Kunjumon, and his wife, Molly, work on a rubber plantation in Kanjirappally, India – a common trade for people from in this region. One day, while working, Kunjumon fell into a huge pit. Kunjumon was hurt badly and called for help. Unable to climb out on his own, he was overtaken by the pain and slipped into unconsciousness.

Hours later his daughters found him and summoned help. Due to the stress of the incident Kunjumon had suffered a heart attack and his body became partially paralyzed. From that day forward he could no longer perform his daily needs—he had to be taken care of and could no longer provide for his wife and family. Kunjumon slowly descended into a deep depression over his struggle to make ends meet.

While a wheelchair could have made a huge difference, Kunjumon was unable to afford one. But, there is always hope! Through Free Wheelchair Mission and our partnership with Sathyam Ministries, Kunjumon was able to receive a wheelchair. Kunjumon has now regained his independence and the ability to help provide for his family. He is grateful to Sathyam Ministries and FWM for providing him with the gift of mobility.

It is my joy to pass that gratitude along to the people that make it possible—you. Our Big Push campaign ends on Monday and our goal of 12,000 wheelchairs is within reach. We are eternally grateful for your kindnesses, prayers, and continued support.
12,000 times, “thank you!”

God Bless,



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