Here’s your Monday Recap!

In many of our stories we talk about how people who are disabled in the developing world are often left alone and in the dark – isolated from the outside world because there is simply no way for their families or caretakers to take them there. Today’s Friday Story goes even deeper.

Meet Kayla from the Philippines. Kayla has never actually seen the world around her – she was born blind and is unable to walk. Her mother, Mary Ann, is her full time caretaker. Kayla does have very keen hearing and uses it to explore the world around her. Just calling her name can give her a broad smile. But mobility was still an issue, as is so often the case, because as she got bigger it became more difficult to carry her places.

And then you came along. With the gift of a wheelchair, Kayla’s world was made so much bigger, so much more vibrant. She is able to go out with her family now and get from place to place with much more ease than ever before. On top of that, just the feeling of riding in her wheelchair makes her completely elated.

I hope this story has brightened your day as we get ready to wrap up another week. Thank you so much for your continued support of Free Wheelchair Mission: our Big Push is well underway and you have been phenomenal in your response!

God Bless, Don


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