Monday Recap: Today we’re looking at Daniela in Mexico! Another example of how mobility can have a huge impact on not only the recipient, but everyone around them!

Daniela & Family

High in the Orizaba mountains of Mexico sits a small town, Zongolica, with a population of roughly 25,000 people. Towering 18,500 feet over the valley, Zongolica sits near the summit of the dormant Pico de Orizaba (or Citlaltepetl) volcano, the third tallest mountain in North America. This is Daniela’s home.

The weather in Zongolica is chilly and rains 200 days a year. Without much infrastructure to support ease of movement, getting around from day to day is difficult.

As a child Daniela fell ill. The illness stunted her growth and did not allow her legs to develop properly. Walking was out of the question, but she was able to crawl and could at least move herself around the house. Too heavy for her parents to lift , it was difficult for her to accompany them when they went out.

Through our distribution partner, Operation Blessing, Daniela was given a wheelchair. “I was very, very happy that I could go out into the streets,” she said, “I had never been able to leave home without the help of my parents.” Now that Daniela has her wheelchair, she is able to connect with others around the city, rejoining the community.

We want to finish strong as our Big Push heads into its last few days. Lend a hand and join us!


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