Event: LA Marathon 2012

Location: Los Angeles, CA        

Date: March 18, 2012

The Story: This was the first time Free Wheelchair Mission had a team at the LA Marathon. We were thrilled to have 25 runners take on the marathon and the new event, the Charity Half Marathon Relay.

Event Highlights:
  • Free Wheelchair Mission was featured on the KTLA morning news on March 8, 2012.  There was a live text-to-give option, and over $600 in donations rolled in from the 4 different segments!
  • At the windy & rainy expo, runners came by to check out the wheelchair in person and pick up their race gear for the next day.
  • All Free Wheelchair Mission runners were invited for breakfast and a warm place to limber up before the race in our private VIP Dodger Suite.


  • We participated in the first ever Charity Half Marathon Relay – the first team member ran from the start line to mile 13.1, and the second team member ran from mile 13.1 to the finish at 26.2. FWM was right there at the transition zone to celebrate with runner 1, and cheer on runner 2. 
  • All smiles at the finish line!
Lives Transformed by the Run for Mobility event: 172

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