This is Ba Them, 47 years old. He is nine months into a new life with his wheelchair and his dream job in Vietnam.
Ba Them served the army until 1980 when he stepped on a land mine; half of his right leg was gone and his left was paralyzed. Returning home was not easy. The young man, who had for so long been able to help his family, suddenly became a burden to them. He had to resign himself everyday to simply stay home doing odd jobs while helping his wife take care of the children—she would spend the day selling vegetables around town to raise an income for the family. For someone who had spent his life as a soldier, this was one of the most difficult battles he had to fight:

“Before having the wheelchair my life was very difficult. I felt guilty for witnessing my wife work so hard from dawn till night to feed our big family. Nine months ago, hope returned back to me, I was gifted the wheelchair and got a job as a mechanic. Now every day, the wheelchair helps me get to work very conveniently… which brings me more than 2,000,000 dong (≈$96) for monthly income, enough to support my family. Thank you so much for your wonderful gift.”


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