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MONDAY MORNING (er…afternoon…) RECAP:

The Big Push: Over the next 40 days Free Wheelchair Mission has the goal of shipping 12,000 wheelchairs to nine countries, on three continents where the need is imminent.

This week we’re highlighting Nicaragua:

Esperanza is a 56-year-old Nicaraguan woman. She has suffered from diabetes for 18 years. Due to a lack of access to proper medicine and medical care, her left leg had to be amputated six years ago. Prior to the operation, she worked washing and ironing in private homes receiving a wage of $30 per month.  While Esperanza now lives with her two sisters and daughter whom try to support her, their income alone simply isn’t enough.

In 2011, Esperanza received a wheelchair and is now able to visit the doctor and her friends without assistance. Slowly but surely, she is regaining her independence. Though her surroundings are humble, her spirit is strong. With a renewed sense of purpose, she has rejoined the community enabling her to contribute and thrive.

Esperanza, in English, means hope. Help us create more Esperanzas—help give hope.


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