Team Mobility event – 7th Annual Run for Mobility at the Surf City Marathon

Event: Surf City Marathon           

Location: Huntington Beach, CA         

Date: February 3-5, 2012

The Story: Our 7th Annual Run for Mobility at the Surf City Marathon was a huge success! We had over 300 runners who took on the half or full marathon while raising funds and awareness for Free Wheelchair Mission. 

Runner-fundraisers used online donation websites for the 6 months leading up to the race, getting the word out that they were making their miles matter and raising money for wheelchairs. Race weekend was a three day celebration for our fundraisers, as well as a chance to share the Free Wheelchair Mission with over 40,000 people.

Event Highlights:
  • Free Wheelchair Mission Ambassadors from Team Macatawa beautified our finish line tent on race morning with their sidewalk chalk masterpieces.

  • 60 volunteers, led by volunteer commander Jesse, helped by cheering runners into the finish line, taking photos, creating encouragement signs, and decorating the Free Wheelchair Mission tent. Thanks to Westminster High School Girls for Change, Team Macatawa, OCHSA Key Club, and GE Aviation for everything! 
GE Aviation
  • 40 volunteers, fearlessly led by volunteer water station commander Daniel, helped pass out water to the runners as they raced by the water station at PCH & Seapoint. They also helped cheer on our fabulous FWM runners, and took some great action shots as they ran by! Thank you to WesternUPT, Oceanview High School, and Villa Park Key Club for all your hard work!

  •  Paralympic gold medalist Josh George shared his powerful story at the 7th Annual Run for Mobility team dinner at the Shorebreak Hotel. The next day, he joined the 300 other Free Wheelchair Mission runners and took on the half marathon!

  • Fundraisers made their miles (either 13.1 or 26.2) matter for Free Wheelchair Mission

Finish line, here I come!
  • Post-race party at the Free Wheelchair Mission hospitality tent

Staffer Whitney and her husband Adam
Team Applied Medical

Lives Transformed by the Run for Mobility event: 2,658 (over $170,000!)


Take-Away Tip: You can use your passion for sport and your own mobility to provide the gift of mobility to others around the world through Free Wheelchair Mission’s athletic program Team Mobility. Any sport, any athlete, anywhere!

Click for more event photos

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