Ambassadors for Mobility: Converge Church’s Women’s Football Team
Location: Fountain Valley, CA
Background: We love what Free Wheelchair Mission stands for. To be able to give the gift of mobility to those who are the poorest, the least and the forgotten in this world is amazing. The ladies of the Converge football team decided that Free Wheelchair Mission was what we wanted to play for. This is the second year we have adopted FWM as our charity. We want to help raise awareness that over 100 million people in this world cannot walk, needing a simple wheelchair to be able to simply function in life. We decided to fight for these people on the playing field by using the fellowship of competition as a means to raise money for a valuable cause!” 
The Story: The 4th Annual SoCal Charity Bowl is an annual women’s 7-7 flag football tournament that has teams from churches all over Southern California. Each church gets to play for their charity of choice, and the winner of the tournament gets a purse prize of $500. Every church is also encouraged to do their own fundraising on the side and create awareness for their local or global cause. In the end, all teams win!! What makes this tournament different from the others is that the focus is bringing awareness and funds to the represented charities.
The Converge Family Church girls football team took to the field on Saturday, 11/21, going 3-0 into the Final game. We were pumped and ready to take the championship title for the second year in a row. Unfortunately our team didn’t have enough energy to bounce back and win it in the championship title match. We lost, but still had fun knowing that we’re still winners as we raised the most amount of money out of all the charities represented – our fundraising total was higher than all the other teams combined!” 
Lives Transformed by the 2011 Converge Team: 57

Coaches and players from left to right: Eric Lee, Connie Aboubakare, Stephanie Velarde, Christina Pao, Stephanie Hong, Angela Lee,
Bao Le, Amy Lee, Jennifer Pham, Sandy Ng, Marlene Luu, Kristel Bedford, Pam Grenas, Sabrina Nguyen, Pam Grenas and Hieu Nguyen.

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