Ambassador for Mobility: Ed McGugan
Location: Kincardine, Ontario Canada (on the Canadian side of Lake Huron, Michigan)
Background: Ed first discovered Free Wheelchair Mission in winter 2010 when he was helping to design a wheelchair for a missionary friend. After researching different chair designs, he ran across the Free Wheelchair Mission website and it “really shook me to the core.” Whenever Ed showed anyone the video they all seemed to think it was a good thing but didn’t know how to get involved.
The Story: Ed and his wife searched for ways to get involved with FWM. They decided to bring the mission into their church through their Sunday school program. Recently Ed, his wife, and the children of the Chalmers Community Church Sunday School hosted a day of engineering for a cause. The group got together to sell model airplane kits to raise money for Free Wheelchair Mission. “There were boys chasing the airplanes all over the arena that day and we seemed to get a great audience, but we only sold three kits. I was feeling very disappointed. However, people started handing us money directly for Free Wheelchair Mission! We were kind of shocked how this has just taken off. Although we still have lots of airplane kits left over, I’m convinced the people are more gratified by transforming lives with wheelchairs instead!” Ed plans to continue his efforts through his projects, the Sunday school group, and by utilizing FWM’s annual Christmas gift card program.
Lives Transformed to Date: 35 and counting (his original donation was doubled due to our Match Campaign)

“This young fella is Luke McBride who is 9 years old. He was the airplane pilot extraordinaire that day. His Dad, George (with the hat) was a big help in making this work.”


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