Ambassador for Mobility: John Warnick
Location: Ohio Valley, Wheeling, WV (and surrounding areas)
Background: John discovered Free Wheelchair Mission in 2010, as he noticed a group of active Ambassadors in Ohio Valley getting the word out about FWM. From the very beginning, he’s been an active supporter of FWM, using a combination of athletic and church partnerships to get the word out. His supportive family includes a wife, two grown daughters and a 10 year old son. 
The Story: In 2010, John saw stirrings of support for FWM in his small town of Wheeling. He was so taken by the mission that this athletic-minded Ambassador decided to reach out to FWM directly to so he could dedicate a 1,900-mile, nearly month-long bicycle trek from Florida to Wheeling, West Virginia to the cause. He even started his own blog about his efforts, which he continues to use to document his efforts for FWM. Since this first event in 2010, John has organized all sorts of athletic awareness events for FWM – from his weekly Saturday “Mobility on National Road” running group, to his famous “Pittsburgh Push”, when he towed a modified FWM wheelchair attached to his bike the 70 miles to the start of the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2011, where he promptly detached the wheelchair from his bike and pushed it for the entire half marathon! John maintains an online Ambassadors webpage where he can collect donations, which he also links directly to his personal blog.
John shared with us that “A year ago I received a transformation. God positioned me so that I would Be the Blessing to many people.” We here at FWM can attest to the fact that John has been, and continues to be, a blessing to many!
Lives Transformed to Date: over 100. 
John’s Call to Action: “I challenge each of you to spend one day doing nothing but giving, do it all day every second in every situation, hold nothing back, give of yourself, give a possession, give a smile, give a hug, give a compliment, give encouragement, lift up the God that is in your neighbor. Do it for a day and then count the blessings returned to you that day – they will be more than you have received in a year. It was for me and it will be for you. Let’s solve this humanitarian need; in you and in me I lay the solution. It’s just that simple and so rewarding!”

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