Ambassador for Mobility: Savannah B., 9 years old

(One person can make a difference, no matter their age or size)
Location: Huntington Beach, California
Background: Her family attended FishFest 2011 & it was Savannah’s first concert. She saw banners and FWM chairs throughout the venue and it intrigued her, as her grandfather and father both use wheelchairs. 
The Story: When asked how she found FWM, Savannah leaned in, smiling, and said “Well THIS is a story! Ever since I was little, about 5 years old, I always wondered what I could do to change the world. Then, I went to Fishfest and I saw this amazing video about Free Wheelchair Mission and their special wheelchairs – and BAM! There it was. Right in front of me – my chance to change the world! I loved what FWM does, and I even got to meet the founder Don that day. He gave me a brochure and a bracelet!” 
The rest was history. Savannah left that concert ON A MISSION. She came out and announced to her mom that they just had to get involved with FWM, and decided to hold a garage sale and donate all proceeds. The Baumann clan has visited FWM headquarters and Savannah has set up her own Ambassador webpage. She’s sent out close to 50 e-mails so far, and has been talking to anyone and everyone about FWM since that fateful day at FishFest 2011! One of her first projects after FishFest was to hold a garage sale, with all proceeds benefiting Free Wheelchair Mission.
Lives Transformed to Date: over 16 and counting. Savannah is still campaigning… Her 10th birthday was in mid-September 2011, and she requested that anyone who didn’t know what to get her should donate to FWM because “she has enough clothes and toys.” She aspires to continue to support FWM through the new Free Wheelchair Mission Jr. Ambassador program.
Savannah’s Call to Action:Pray with me & help if you can for people who can’t get around on their own!”


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