Last year, one of our most exciting campaigns was our Matching Gift Challenge! It was a chance for our friends and supporters to have every dollar matched, effectively doubling their gift and sending twice the wheelchairs around the world. It was a tremendous success and very exciting!

Well, now it’s September again, and I’m happy to share with you that the Match is Back!! Starting today, thanks to our generous benefactors who have provided the matching funds, we will again be able to double your donations. When you donate one wheelchair for $63.94, we match it to become two. Donate five wheelchairs and we match them to become ten. If we match every dollar, the Matching Gift Challenge has the power to send 5,500 wheelchairs around the world – changing 5,500 lives forever.

The Match is Back and it’s a great time to make a difference – but only if you donate before October 31, 2011. Let’s take on this challenge, make some smiles like the beautiful ones in this photo, and change thousands of lives forever.

God bless, Don


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