Ambassador for Mobility: Stephanie T. (second from left)
Location: Penn State, in State College, PA (between Pittsburgh & Philadelphia; the center of the state)
Background: While on summer vacation from college in July 2010, Stephanie stumbled onto FWM when trying to donate an old wheelchair to us. Her older sister uses a wheelchair, and as a result, her family has a deep connection to the cause and the motivation to help FWM.
The Story: In September 2010, she officially founded Pennsylvania State’s Free Wheelchair Mission Club. The club supports fundraising activities via football tailgates, school dances, and information fairs. They even have their own Penn State FWM Club blog! The club made it to the top 25 contenders for a $10,000 grant at the annual Classy Awards in San Diego 2012 for the “Most Influential College Student Organization”!
Lives Transformed to Date: over 20 and counting. (She is committed to raising a full container.)

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