Papua New Guinea is a country of just under 7 million people located on the eastern half of the island New Guinea in the south Pacific. It’s a beautiful area and one of the world’s least explored countries; unfortunately, many of its people live in extreme poverty. Our partner in the region, the Foundation for Rural Development (FORD), has distributed over a thousand wheelchairs, and they shared with us these photos and stories:

Little Israel had meningitis due to a malaria attack when he was young. As a result, he has a weak back and has been hand held for most of life. He is seen here enjoying his first wheelchair ride.

Pawa was born a paraplegic. Now almost 25 years old, she is from Jimi, one of the most remote spots in the Western Highlands Province. It was a challenge to deliver wheelchairs to this particular location.

Ishameal was an able-bodied teenager, until lapsing into a coma at the age of 16. He was diagnosed with spinal TB and became paralyzed from the waist down. Now 22, he’s finally returned to mobility and independence.

Our partners around the world are a vital link in the chain as wheelchairs are rolled out to the people who need them the most. We are grateful to FORD and to our many partners in the field for their dedication to the cause – in 81 countries, they’re helping make a difference, lifting people with disabilities to a better tomorrow.


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