Get motivated to start fundraising by what this Team Mobility athlete did to support FWM.
Tim, second from right, organized a “Paddle for Wheelchairs”
Team Mobility Athlete: Tim Lukei (second from the right)
Location: Newport Beach, CA
Background: A staff member at Mariner’s Church, Tim has been a supporter of FWM for years. He’s also the owner of an up-and-coming paddleboard company, Pirate Coast Paddle Company.
The Story: He created and held an event called Paddle for Wheelchairs on Thursday, August 25th in Newport Beach, inviting people to donate the price of a wheelchair in exchange for a a free dinner (donated by Bluewater Grill), an entry to win raffle prizes, and a chance to paddleboard for free. About 30 people attended the event, along with FWM staff Sandi, Claressa, Jessica, and Mike. Most of the funds were collected online via their Team Mobility fundraising website, and the rest was given on event day for last minute additions. Tim publicized his event on his company’s webpage, and by word of mouth.
Lives Transformed to Date: over 30
The crew
FWM Staff Jessica, Claressa, and Mike at the event

Take-Away Tip: Use the resources you already have (like Tim did with his company and professional network), and leverage them for a good cause.


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