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Thanks so much to Rich Skolburg, our volunteer photographer, forsending back this uplifting story from his travels in India!
Diabetes would claim his foot but not his will. A professionalpainter, Pithambaran is also a master craftsman.  Five years ago, one of his last jobs involved painting thehospital in which he is now a patient. It was one of the last projects he wouldcomplete before his health condition prevented him from working.  The road back to independence would bea long and difficult one.
When we asked Pithambaran what a new wheelchair wouldmean to him, he told us something surprising. One thing he liked about spendingso much time in the hospital was the fact he had access to a wheelchair, amobility and freedom he did not have at his own home. A new wheelchair couldgive him that luxury once again, wherever he might be.
Could he paint with a wheelchair? Yes, he believed he could,and within hours of receiving his gift he was at work on a piece of furniturethere in the hospital, happy to share with us his enthusiasm. His passion forthe craft had never faded and on this day like so many others, he wore the shirtwith his company’s name.  He woreit proudly and insisted we get a shot of it.  His joy was clear to see, ashis family and friends watched. On this day, there was something different aboutPithambrum’s smile. Yes, he was smiling with happiness, but with a paint brushin hand and employment within reach, he was also smiling with pride.

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