Thanks so much to our partner in the field for this powerful, testimony straight from Vietnam.
Vo Cuong, a seventy year old man is a typical example of those who are physical imperfect by innateness or illness, and cannot easily live like other normal people. But on their face, the overflow of joy and confidence always shines.
A war accident caused him to lose his legs and one hand.
Cuong shared “I have been crawling on the ground for more than 20 years and never stop dreaming to be off the ground. I don’t care the contempt of the physical unbroken people as I do have a family like they do and I am happy as my wife and my children love me. The one thing that has been upsetting to me for years is  that I haven’t got a wheelchair to lift me up from the ground and start working to support my family like a real man in a family”.
Sitting on the new wheelchair, Vo Cuong got struggled to make the chair goes on his way. Honestly, It was so hard for him as he only had one hand to control the wheels, struggled, struggled and more struggled; eventually, we were all amazed by the talent of his curtailed arm. It was so amazing!
“Thank you for giving me this wheelchair. It is such a gift of mobility. Tomorrow this wheelchair will take me to the lottery company and help me start my first business in life. I will start selling lottery tickets tomorrow to support my family. Thank you!”

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