Doreen was a victim of the civil war there when she was a young child and the LRA had run over her multiple times with a vehicle, leaving her for dead.

Rachel and I went to visit Doreen in the 2 room hut where she lives with her mother who takes care of her.  As a result of her ordeal with the LRA Doreen has no joints and cannot bend her arms or legs. But, she has the joy of the Lord.  She leads the choir at her church and children living nearby come to her house where she teaches them how to read, along with some science and other subjects. She is an amazing girl.
As we were visiting with her and her mother I happened to look in the corner of the room and there was a Free Wheelchair.  I got so excited and I took pictures of it and told her that we were familiar with the organization.  She has had it for a couple of years and it has changed her life and allowed her to leave her hut – something she wasn’t able to do before.
It was a huge blessing to unexpectedly  see firsthand how your organization is reaching far into the world.  It was one thing to watch your video and be touched by what I saw, but it didn’t compare to seeing it up close and personal.
Cathy and Doreen
Rachel and Doreen
Blessings to you,
-Parkcrest Church.




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