Thanks so much to our partner in the field for this powerful, testimony straight from Haiti
Job Mazenard, a man with plenty dreams, is living in Haiti. Specifically in Thomassique.He is 38 years old. When  I first met him he was in a restaurant where I went to eat. I saw him singing for people inside of the restaurant , he had a special voice , a voice that could transcendsouls. After the show I went through him to congratulate him and started  to have with a little conversation that could help to know his story.
Before the earthquake He was a great and very populate dancer in his community. He started to sing and dance at 7 years old He inspired joy and happiness to people around him and people that used to see  him dancing to music. He could’ve never imagined that a day would be so tragic for him…That day, In the earthquake January twelve last year in Haiti,Where his house collapsed with him, his wife and his son. He would die as the two others, but great to the lord someone came and saved him. He was alive but unfortunately his foot was blocked under the rubble, they were obligated to cut it. No need to tell how Pain, sadness took possession of his heart and his whole body.
Life is done with good and bad part, so this is the worst  thing that could happen to Job Since then he ‘s living with his handicap, he could still sing but he couldn’t dance anymore. Moving was very difficult to him, until he received a wheelchair from Free wheelchair Mission. Even if he can’t work anymore, he still has a wheelchair to move around without any one’s help.
Now he’s very happy to know that someone, a group somewhere in the world is thinking about him about people living with handicaps in Haiti.

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