Ozzie and his daughter at the Surf City Marathon

Meet Ozzie, a 3-year Run for Mobility runner, volunteer, and supporter.

Guest Speaker. In 2011, he was featured as a guest speaker at one of our first-time fundraiser workshops in Long Beach, sharing his experience and advice with new Run for Mobility participants.

Olympic Athlete. Ozzie is an avid runner. Not only has he run several 5k races over the years, he ran the 400 meter event for the Venezuelan Olympic team in 1980 and 1984. 
Fundraiser. He has raised over $20,000 for the Run for Mobility in the 3 years he has been involved. 
Ozzie’s Story:

Running for Mobility resonates with him because he comes from a poor family in Venezuela. He describes that growing up they often had only rice and beans to eat for days in a row. In high school, he ran track and earned a scholarship to a US school. Most profoundly, his grandmother spent the last three years of her life in bed because she was unable to walk and the family could not afford the luxury of a wheelchair. Ozzie remembers this vividly and knows how much fuller her last years would have been had she not been robbed of her mobility. These experiences affected him so much that he now supports Free Wheelchair Mission by raising funds so we can give the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the world the opportunity for a better quality of life.
From enduring hardship as a child, to overcoming obstacles as a young adult, Ozzie has never given up. He has coached several sports over the years – from baseball to basketball and even acted as a coach/guide for the disabled track and field teams.

A message from Ozzie:
“My beloved mother tragically and unexpectedly passed away in July. Not only was she far too young, but she was my rock. She was very supportive of me and my involvement with the FWM organization. After all, it was my mother who first inspired me. She attended every race. She ‘redesigned’ the FWM participant T-shirt I wore making it more suitable for running. this is my third year running for the Run for Mobility.”
400 m Olympics – 1980s
In the jersey his mother redesigned

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