Janet & husband David in South Africa

Meet Janet, a wonderful long-time Free Wheelchair Mission supporter. In 2011, Janet and her husband David made up their Run for Mobility team called “Restore Mobility, Restore Hope”, raising over $2,900! She has shown her dedication to our cause not only by being an ongoing runner-fundraiser, but she has also been able to participate in actually distributing wheelchairs in countries around the world.

Traveler, physical therapist, and runner-fundraiser
“I got involved with the FWM 6 years ago. I learned about the organization from a volunteer of yours named Margaret at a “from Success to Significance” event at Mariner’s church. Since then, I have been fundraising, running in the Run for Mobility and have traveled twice to Peru, once to Chile and now to Africa. This ministry is amazing. Professionally, I work am a PT [physical therapist] so it is a good fit for me. I help people with their mobility every day.”
My Motto – “I wanna go!”
“If you ask my friends what my personal motto is, they will say “I wanna go!” If someone suggests a trip or an adventure, I am always first to say that I want to go. The wedding band I wore when we were traveling had a verse from Mathew. “With the Lord, all things are possible.” I love that verse. Just trusting in Him and realizing if you do what you can, He will do what you cannot is powerful stuff!”
Arusha girl now able to receive an education, thanks to gift of wheelchair
Thanks to her new chair, this girl can now receive an education
“She was at the Center for Women and Children Development in Arusha. She could not sit unsupported. I do not know what kind of developmental or neuromuscular disease from which she is suffering. Very sweet girl but nonverbal. Because of the chair, she will be able to stay at the school and be transported into the classrooms.” 
Moses crawls 30 miles to receive his new chair
David adjusting Moses’ chair, while Moses waits on the ground
Moses finally off the ground in his new chair!

“The best experience of our trip for me was meeting Moses. In the photo, he is the gentleman with the colorful robes, and my husband is adjusting his chair for him. He crawled 30 miles to get to our distribution site. He had had polio, I do not know how long ago, but I would guess as a child or young adult. He must now be in his late 40’s. He had the most amazing smile, and was so grateful for the chair.”

Karafu woman and her mother both receive wheelchairs

“This woman is in Karatu. She also had had polio. Her mom was disabled and received a chair as well. I have no idea how she will help her mom get around with both of them in a chair. Doesn’t she look great sitting upright in her chair?!”

Janet working hard on race day

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