Our beloved Database Manager has recently moved out of state — being the athlete he is, he decided to do his own Run for Mobility at the same time we had our event in Southern California!
“Even though the run took place miles away from me I just couldn’t resist getting in on the action! So last minute last night I made the decision to run a half marathon, trying to time it so that I would be running at the same time of our supporters. I couldn’t be there in person but wanted to be there in spirit. I mapped out a course in Memorial Park in Houston, and dragged my wife along to take pics!
I did not do any training for this, besides my usual 4-5 days a week of CrossFit. And I wanted to keep it totally Paleo, so no gel packs or pretzels for me. I filled my camelback with coconut juice, lime and water for electrolytes. And instead of gel packs I made small packets of blended banana, coconut milk and raspberries.
My official time 1:58:12
Every step I took I thought of those in need of mobility, and how God has been so gracious to me to grant me such abundant health. I missed everyone of you and wished I could have shared the experiences you had today, so I went out and made my own in Free Wheelchair Mission’s honor. My time might may not be elite, but with no training, and throngs of supporters to cheer me on, I’m quite proud of it.
Miss you guys!
God bless,

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