The Start Line Water Station Crew
Meet the 3 wonderful groups of high school students who volunteered for the Start Line Water Stations! Under the direction of Station Commander Jesse, these wonderful volunteers worked to hydrate 1 Mile finishers, as well as those finishing the half and full marathon. Not only did these volunteers complete their water station assignment, but a few even took up the added job of providing information about Free Wheelchair Mission to the general race public by staffing our wheelchair info station near the start of the race. 

Special thanks to all of the Oceanview Interact Club volunteers: Shelby, for helping to coordinate your group’s efforts for this event and for those coming up; to Ann for supervising and helping to build the FWM-Interact partnership; and to Vanessa, Tracey, and Cindy for all their hard work!

Special thanks to all of the Orange Lutheran High School volunteers: Emily, for being the helpful liaison between FWM and your group; and to Rebecca, Cynthia, and John for attending and helping out!
— Extra special thanks to Kristen from Orange Lutheran for helping out at another station, Mile 19/22. Learn about what she did by clicking here.

Special thanks to all of the Dana Hills Free Wheelchair Mission Club members: Kelly, for working to get your big group of volunteers organized; and to Drew, Aaron, Emma, Nicholas, Lauren, Joe, and Sam for supporting us!

Working hard
Friendly FWM Info Booth

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