The Group
Meet our 1 Mile Cheer Station volunteers from the Orange County High School of the Arts Key Club! This fun group was stationed at 3 points along the 1 Mile course, where they cheered on our FWM runners with signs and high fives. 

Under the direction of Station Commander Ryan, these wonderful volunteers helped set up the 3 wheelchair-balloon stations, cheered their lungs out, and even acted as a human wall, helping to route runners on the course to the finish!

Special thank you to: Gerianne, for working as the group leader and organizer; and to Victoria, Kevin L., Michelle, Kevin P., Jennifer, Julia, Kevin N., and Ginah for truly understanding and embodying what it means to be amazing volunteers!
Reminding runners why they are out there
High 5 station
The human wall!
Getting ready for the next wave
High 5 for one of our FWM runners in blue
Kids count too!
A reminder why we run

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