LAN/WAN Professional employee photo
 Meet LAN/WAN Professional, one of our corporate teams for the 2011 Run for Mobility. This spirited group of 4 used a “penny drive” concept, which allowed everyone in the office to get involved in the fundraising efforts, regardless of capacity. Check out the following testimonial from Karen H., one of the LAN/WAN team members!
 “LAN/WAN Professional is a nationwide membership/partnership organization of professionals and companies in information technology.  We are headquartered in Tustin, CA and at present have 30 employees and we are growing fast!  As part of our commitment to giving back to the community, we enjoy being involved in activities where we can not only focus on internal team building and personal challenge, but can also help support those in need.  
I first learned about Wheelchair Mission when I  heard  Don Schoendorfer speaking at Mariners Church.  I was so touched by his presentation, that I wanted to learn more about his charity.  His desire to help those less fortunate was contagious, and when I learned that I could help raise money through Surf City Marathon, I decided to present it to the LANWAN Professional team.  Even though not everyone participated in the run, we all got involved and it became a weekly mission to see how much money we could raise.  Instead of focusing on large, corporate donors, we focused our fundraising on regular, everyday people who also became excited about the idea of building low cost wheelchairs for the disabled.  We collected pennies to dollars and were able to raise well over $1200!
Our running team included myself, our CEO- Eric Choi, his father Tae Yun Choi – who is 76 years old, as well as our consultant Karen-who is the mother of triplets!  Both Eric and Karen participated in the full marathon, while myself and Mr. Choi ran the half marathon. We very much enjoyed our participation in this event and look forward to participating in the future!”

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