Diana and Tony
Meet Diana, one of our 1 Mile for Mobility participants! Together with Tony, they joined the race not only to get healthy and support a good cause, but because of a deep connection and understanding of disability through their personal experiences with their daughter.

“I had never had a connection to anyone with a physical disability until four years ago.  I was uncomfortable around someone in a wheelchair or wearing a prosthetic;  I mean, what do you say? How do you act?  It was easier just to give him/her wide berth and avoid the situation completely.
That certainly changed when our 19 year old daughter lost her right leg just below the knee as result of a car accident on New Years Day. She spent 10 days in ICU and was finally released from the hospital the second week of February.  She had to take the spring semester of her sophomore year at college off and move back home in order to start a long road to recovery.  Using a wheelchair was the first step in regaining her independence.  She could roll into the kitchen or get herself out to the car for a ride to the mall or the grocery store.  She got her first prosthetic leg in about 3 months after the accident but took the wheelchair with her when she moved into a studio apartment near the campus that July.  She still uses it from time to time.  

We are extremely lucky to live in a country where health care (cost not withstanding) is available to everyone.  Free Wheelchair Mission provides to chairs to people in countries that lack the medical attention we take for granted.”

Diana, sister Carol, dog Jed, and Tony at the FWM post-race pavilion
Diana and Tony after completing the 1 Mile for Mobility on Race Day



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