Meet Daniel, the Station Commander for the Mile 23 marathon water station. His leadership and enthusiasm helped make race day a huge success!
Athlete. Daniel discovered running his freshman year of high school, and joined the track team at Estancia High School in Costa Mesa. His love for running only grew from there. He ran both cross country and track and field his sophomore, junior and senior years, and was even the varsity cross country captain! He continued his running career in college at Orange Coast College, and still loves the sport today. He jumped at the opportunity to get involved with Run for Mobility, since it allowed him to connect with those who are passionate about the sport as well.
Praise for his volunteers.  “The FWM volunteers @ mile 22 water station were great. Everyone was enthusiastic, energetic, and ready to cheer everyone on, especially our FWM people with the blue T-Shirts. One of the volunteers even pulled up his car next to the water station (about 5-10 feet from the water tables), opened all the car doors, and blasted his iPod. This really elevated the energy of everyone, the runners included. A few others were also started randomly cheering in unison & clapping for the runners, making up cheers. Everyone would take turns doing this. Everyone was eager to help wherever they were needed. I could not of asked for a better group!”
Passion for FWM’s Mission. “I know what it’s like to be in a wheelchair. Even though it was only for about 4 months I can’t image not having a wheelchair when I needed it. I allowed me to “live my life” a bit more normally. I believe that giving back to others and making this world a better place is important. I believe FWM mission is doing this for people that cannot afford a wheelchair. $59.20 is a small price to pay for giving one person their life back. Being able to move around and experience life events is extremely important.”
Daniel and his new puppy Jarvis!
A special thanks to Daniel for staying late on Saturday night to prep for race morning, for arriving at o’dark thirty on Race Morning, for taking all the bumps in stride and making it look effortless, and for having a smile the whole time!

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