Thanks so much to our partner in the field for this powerful, testimony straight from Liberia.
LEM is pleased to present a report of its recent distribution of wheelchairs in Liberia, West Africa. During this past Christmas season, families, friends, loved ones, and the recipients rejoiced and praised the Lord for providing mobility to the disabled.

This report will focus on Little Dixon Buu.

Little Dixon Buu, now 8 years old, has been disabled since his birth.
The parents had no means of seeking medical attention for Dixon.
Little Dixon has been crawling in the dust wherever he goes around his home. Dixon’s parent had not even dreamed of any means of providing a wheelchair for him.
Dixon had the desire to move around the community and have fun with other children. Dixon had the desire to one day go to school; but the reality was so far away.
On December 26, one day after Christmas, the story changed for Little Dixon, his parents, family members and the community. I cannot hold back my tears as I  imagined the event when the parents saw as Dixon was lifted from the dust and helped into his wheelchair.
His joyful mother, (in red & black lappa-suit dress) said,
“I am happy because my son will no longer be crawling in the dust.”  
She and manyothers praised the Lord for this wonderful gift.

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