Thanks so much to our partner in the field for this powerful testimony straight from Vietnam!

The first day of the wheel chair Gen-2 distribution has brought me a uncanny eagerness with different emotions when I listened to the confidences of the recipients.
Finishing the interview with the old woman I suddenly met with a very beautiful smile of a young boy. I thought he was just about 6 or 7 years but he was actually 10.
I said Hello to the boy when he was even giving me a bigger smile and turned it into
a real big laugh.
Speaking lispingly with an innocent face, the boy told me
“I love wheel chair. I love going out with brother and friends”.
The face with full of excitement of the boy made my heart became so heavy and hurt.
Looking to my side, Chanh’s mother Phan with a face of tears told me
“His limbs are paralyzed but his brain is not. He understands everything. He knows how hard I am trying to take care of our little family. He loves going to school like other children but never tells me because he knows I cannot afford it. I’m just a poor single mother with two children. My two children, my 80 year -old mother and I have been living with a very small income from the farming work. In 2005 Chanh had a wheelchair from a charitable organization but it was broken after 2 years. 2007 he had the second one and it also got broke. I am so poor that I can’t buy him a new one so over a year now he has been longing for this chance.
Chan is a very good boy. Although he is disabled, he never forgets that he is the oldest son in the family. He always takes the initiative in doing everything he can manually do to help me like feeding himself, toileting and chasing chickens from eating our drying rice.
I wish my team could do more to help her but our ability is limited. So I just hoped the wheelchair would at least help her son to do what he has been longing to over the past year. And I know it surely does when I saw the boy with full excitement on his new chair.

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