Though Las Cruces, NM was fiery hot as far as the weather was concerned, it didn’t keep people away from enjoying the amazing festivities planned which included folklorico dancers, mariachi bands, a native Indian dance, singers, magicians, a bounce house, and good food for the 2nd Annual Fajita Fiesta in the Mesilla Plaza.

We were honored to be welcomed by the Mayor of Mesilla, Nora Barazza, as well as Miss Teen New Mexico, Victoria Padilla, as they stood alongside the wheelchairs while the local ROTC had a presentation of the flags. The local Ambassador for the area, Dennis Prickett, was also alongside to encourage donations along with Alyson Roth, Development Manager, from the Free Wheelchair Mission in Irvine, CA.

The rich history of Mesilla and the entire Las Cruces area of New Mexico makes it a great place to visit, but their contagious philanthropic passion for Free Wheelchair Mission is what makes it even more exciting. To date, the community has raised over $90,000 to help give wheelchairs to those in Mexico, and they are currently working on getting more wheelchairs across the border to those in need.

Free Wheelchair Mission is extremely proud of the successful weekend (June 12-13th) and looks forward to lifting more people up off the ground in Mexico for the low cost of $59.20 – and the recipient gets the wheelchair for free! Thank you, Las Cruces, for continuing to bless other people through your gifts, talents, and volunteerism!

To make a donation towards their efforts, please visit their FUNDRAISING PAGE HERE.


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