(…we asked Ambassador Ryan Dexter from Wisconsin if we could share his story about running, life, faith…and the quest for wheelchairs: )

“I’m upping the stakes and running for a reason this May – a 200 mile trail run through the Green Mountains of Vermont. I’ve been preparing for this adventure for years – now that I’m running for wheelchairs, it’s even more important to get the word out.

So here’s how I became an Ambassador for Free Wheelchair Mission – I’d been thinking about my race and how I could make it into something that would help others. I learned about FWM when my church did an offering last Christmas. At the time, I didn’t think much about wheelchairs, or how hard it would be to survive without one. I have to draw attention to this! It’s just inhumane that people that have to crawl when there’s a wheelchair that can be provided for under sixty bucks.

I’ll have a great crew helping me out this May, but the 200 miles we are attempting to run is nothing compared to what many people have to do each and every day of their lives. We’re going to suffer for what, maybe 48 hours? Put that up against a lifetime of pain – there’s really no comparison.
Now, this is a race and we are in it to win it, but I am bolder than ever knowing that I’ll be running while raising money for Free Wheelchair Mission. My goal is to WIN, and to raise enough funds for a wheelchair for every mile we are running! I’ll run the miles, but I’ll need your help with the wheelchairs! That’s 200 miles to go and 200 wheelchairs to raise. I definitely think we can do it! Let’s make a difference in 200 lives around the world.”

Thank you!
Ryan Dexter, Ambassador for Mobility

Help Ryan raise 200 wheelchairs!

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