We open hundreds of inquiry emails a year here at FWM – people asking about how to get a wheelchair, how to give a donation, how to change a mailing address, a plethora of queries essential to our work and important to our mission …but every once in a while we receive an email that truly takes our breath away, and reminds us once again why we do what we do.

Received in our office 3/30/10:

For our names make no difference,
But we are all the same,
Countries of war,
or birth defects,
or natural disasters,
Have taken away,
Our abilities to walk,
For the most amazing thing happened,
This fine and glorious day,
A miracle came our way,
As the trucks pulled into our village,
We all gathered around,
To see what was going on,
To our amazement,
Boxes and boxes of things,
“What could they be?”
For the driver got out,
And went to my son,
Picking him up off the ground,
He put him in a chair that had wheels on it,
The tears rolled down his face and mine,
Able after 14 years to move around,
Not for the young,
But also the old,
Sobbing and tear of joy rang out,
GOD has come to help us out.
For faraway places,
That we do not know,
Have reached out their hearts,
And replenished our souls.
Please if you find it in your heart Check out this web site, And clear your doubt.

Blessing to you all!
 SH 03/30/10


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