I wanted to tell you a quick story about how our recent donation of $500 was made to your organization.

My parents passed away this year without much notice to us just about 3 months apart after 55 years of marriage. They were the shining light and love that guided their four children and 10 grandchildren. Knowing that this holiday would be sad my brothers and I decided the best way to cope with Christmas and our loss was to give to others. We gifted each grandchild $500 but they had to choose a charity and donate the funds in memory of their grandparents. My daughter, the oldest grandchild wrote the following:

“Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you about an organization I would like to donate the money to. I had a few organizations in mind but none of the ones I was thinking about seemed to reach people who really had less than any of us could ever imagine. I began to think about what kinds of non profits I would like to donate to and I knew that I wanted to find a Christian organization that was based in Christ but also met the physical needs of people.

“I am in the health care field so I began to do some research about Christian Healthcare based ministries. I had never heard of this organization before but I would like to donate my money to Free Wheelchair Mission. They make and deliver wheelchairs free of charge to people who need wheelchairs all over the world but have never had one before. Having a wheelchair could change a person’s life who was paralyzed or couldn’t walk, they could get a job, learn a skill or care for their family. The ministry makes wheelchairs out of plastic lawn chairs and other normal wheelchair parts and gives them to people who can’t afford a wheelchair. The chairs cost only 50 dollars to make a ship so 500 dollars could pay for 10 chairs and change 10 people’s lives. Thank you so much for this opportunity – I am excited to share why I chose this charity with the rest of the family! The website is www.freewheelchairmission.org

Love, Christa

God Bless – Celeste

This story is from one of our supporters.


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