Being on the other side of the world is showing me many things but one seems more basic than any other: Life is in the small moments. There are the huge moments in life – graduation, birth of a child – but it is the mosaic of all the small moments, going to the park or tending a vegetable garden, that truly make up our lives.

We gave away 100 chairs at a school for students with disabilities in Nha Trang.
Nguyen Thi Kim Loan is 16 years old though he looks about 6. His grandmother Hong tells us that he has a birth defect. Hong and her daugther-in-law brought Loan to receive a free wheelchair today. She says that she is very happy. Now that she has the wheelchair, she will no longer have to carry him. She was getting worried because he is getting heavy. Now she says that they can push him to the park every afternoon in his new wheelchair.
Van Hoa is 33 years old. he cam to the distribution by himself on the back of a motorbike taxi. His family lives far away and was not at the ceremony. He said that he is very happy to get a wheelchair. I was able to share with him that this wheel chair is a gift from God. Please pray for Van Hoa, that he will truly know that God loves him.
This gentleman lost his leg from a bomb during the war. He told me that this wheelchair is the first gift he has received in 30 years. He loves to work in his garden and makes his living selling its vegetables. Now, he said he will have a much easier time tending his garden and will sell more vegetables.

The work of FWM allows people to experience all the small moments.

FWM staffer Ashley Herron is travelling with a distribution trip Vietnam, having recently joined a mission group from the Vineyard Church from Wheeling, West Virginia.


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