March 4, 2010

Hooray – finally here! Vu and several of his students met me at the airport this afternoon. It is very warm but there is a nice cool breeze too. Checked in at the hotel and then headed over to the Night Market with Vu and a student for dinner (Vietnamese spring rolls – great recommendation, Michael!). The rest of the team arrives at 10:30 so I will meet them in the morning.

We’re heading to Nha Trang tomorrow to give away 100 chairs – my first actual distribution!

I am so stoked!

Ash (Ashley Herron – FWM Events Coordinator)


March 5, 2010

Traveling is always an adventure. Traveling for FWM is the adventure of a lifetime. It is a privilege to go to the other side of the world to serve those in need. But most of all it’s a privilege to get to know people – the people of Vietnam, our partners, the team from WV, and ultimately the recipients of the chairs themselves.

On my first flight, I met a gentleman who had never heard about FWM, but by the time our flight was done, he was inspired to learn that only $59.20 provides a wheelchair and transforms a life. Meeting our partner Vu and his students was an unqualified blessing. I am beyond thrilled to get to know them this week. Their excitement to serve is infectious.

We are all a part of this journey no matter what part it is we play.


FWM staffer Ashley Herron is travelling with a distribution trip Vietnam, having recently joined a mission group from the Vineyard Church from Wheeling, West Virginia.


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