Welcome to our mission trip blog! Eight of our greatest supporters join Laurie and me for eight days in the northern portion of South Africa. We will be in remote parts of this beautiful country. We are not sure how easy communications will be but we will attempt to communicate to you daily on our experiences. It will be easy for you to post comments for us too, and we hearing from you will be very special for us.

It is an extraordinary privilege to go on these missions. I like to tell people it is our chance to get back to the real world.  This is where we see some of the finest examples of the human spirit. I will do my best to bring you with us, if only by printed words and photos.  

Years ago, I heard a story about a wheelchair distribution in southern Africa. There were ten recipients to receive ten wheelchairs.  All was fine, but then an eleven-year-old girl crawled out of nowhere. There was no wheelchair for her.  It was sad.  An elderly woman wheeled her chair over to the young girl. “You have your whole life in front of you, and mine is almost finished. You must take my wheelchair and make the best of your life now,” she said.  She climbed out, and helped the young girl take her place.  
Humanity in its finest moments. Our team will search for these moments, both in the South Africans we come to serve, and ourselves, and we will report them back to you.

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