Friday Story: Employment x2

Greetings and Happy Friday!

Most of us take having a job for granted. Many people with disabilities in the developing world never get the opportunity to work and earn a living due to their limited mobility. This week, I would like to tell you the story of a young man in Uganda who struggled all of his life, but still holds on to his dreams.

Yusuf is 17 years old and was only able to attend primary school for a few years because of his limited mobility. Even with his limitations, he found ways to help around the house so he wouldn’t be a burden on his family. He would crawl out to the main road near their home and sell vegetables that his parents grew and in the evenings he helped his father and brother make clothing they could sell.

Yusuf’s life changed dramatically when he received his FWM wheelchair. He has been able to gain employment outside of the home that pays him much more, allowing him to buy the family a nicer home. With his newfound independence, he hopes to start his own business selling old fish nets and believes that the vegetable business will continue to grow.

Yusuf was determined to work, despite his struggles. But, with his wheelchair and the freedom of mobility, his employment opportunities grew exponentially. Thank you for your support of our mission and for helping recipients, like Yusuf, build better lives.

Transformations like these are happening every day because of your generosity. Thank you for helping our recipients live fuller lives with the gift of mobility.

The is ending October 31st, so be sure to MULTIPLY your impact before it’s too late!


Don Schoendorfer

Friday Story: Education x2

Greetings, and Happy Friday!

In many developing countries education is a privilege, not an expectation. Many people with disabilities in these countries don’t receive an education simply because they are unable to be transported. This was the case for Malachi:
At the age of five, Malachi developed an illness that left him unable to walk without anyone ever being able to explain why. He lives with his older sister in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). She has cared for him since their father died many years ago and their mother was left unable to take care of him on her own.
For 11 years, Malachi dragged himself to and from school. But with the combination of dramatic weather changes, muddy roads and his limited mobility, he was frequently stuck at home. All of this changed when Malachi received his very own FWM wheelchair through our partner, World Vision!
Malachi loves to learn and is so grateful to be able to get to and from school on his own in his new wheelchair. Now he attends regularly to get the education he so desperately desires. “I’m really happy to have this opportunity,” he said “It seems like I am living a new life.“

Transformations like these are happening every day because of your generosity. Thank you for helping our recipients live fuller lives with the gift of mobility.

Only two weeks remain for the . This is the only time during the year you can MULTIPLY your impact – every dollar you give before October 31, 2014 will be multiplied .


Don Schoendorfer

Special Delivery Report: 2,200 Wheelchairs Arrived this Week

Edlina Pacsi After

Happy Thursday! 2,200 wheelchairs arrived in Asia this week: 550 arrived in the Philippines, 550 in India and 1,100 in Vietnam.

Disability Stats in the Philippines

  • An Estimated 1.57% of people living in the Philippines live with disability
  • Age 10-14 was the age group with the largest percentage of disabled individuals
  • We have been providing wheelchairs to the Philippines since 2004
  • We have been able to distribute 40,150 wheelchairs
  • This year alone, we have been able to distribute 6,050 wheelchairs

Special Delivery: 1,100 Wheelchairs Arrived this Week!



1,100 wheelchairs arrived this week: 550 to Peru and 550 to Vietnam!


Disability Stats for Peru

  • 13% of the population is currently living with disability
  • This number doens’t include those in some areas of the Amazonia and Andean regions where disability is often looked at as a family problem and proof that they have done something wrong to deserve it
  • It is believed that the percentage of people living with disabilities has increased over 10% in the past 5 years
  • We have been sending wheelchairs to Peru since 2002
  • Since 2002 we have sent 54,032 wheelchairs

Special Delivery: 550 Wheelchairs Arrived this Week


Happy Thursday! 550 wheelchairs arrived in India this week!!

We have already shared some great stats about India. If you are interested, you can click here.

Friday Story: Mobility x2

Greetings and Happy Friday!

Mobility is our number one goal when giving the gift of a wheelchair to someone in need. We want that individual to be lifted off the ground and able to move around when and where they want. This week I want to tell you about Mark—he is from Zambia, and the gift of mobility changed his life.

Here is his story:

Mark dreamed of the day when he would be able to play and explore with his friends. For the past 14 years he has been completely dependent on his family and friends for everything—to meet even his basic needs.He spent his life crawling on the ground to get around or waiting for someone to carry him wherever he needed to go.

The day he was given his very own wheelchair, Mark was elated! “This wheelchair will allow me to go to school and play with my friends” he told our team. He also told us how he often admired his friends who would be sent to the market on errands as he had never been able to join or help out his family in this way—now he gets to run errands for his parents! He is excited to get back in school and be a part of the community around him. It is no longer stories told to him; now, he is able to be a part of the story and share his experiences with others. “It is a dream-come-true” Mark excitedly explained.

Mobility is such a beautiful gift and something we are so glad to be giving every day through our wheelchairs. Right now, with the help of the , you can multiply your impact today through October 31st. Thank you for everything you are doing to make dreams come true through the gift of mobility!
Don Schoendorfer

Special Delivery: 3,850 Wheelchair Arrived this Week



Happy Thursday! We have had nearly 4,000 wheelchair land in ports all around the world this week: 550 in Peru, 550 in India, 550 in Gabon, 550 in El Salvador, 550 in Rwanda and 1,100 in Zambia.

Did you know?

  • Between the varying types of disability and varying levels at which people are affected, approximately 14% of those living in Zambia are disabled in some way
  • Of the different types of disability, mobile disability topped this list at approximately 9% of the population
  • There are approximately 14,075,000 living in Zambia
  • Based upon the statistic above that means nearly 200,000 people have reported living with some form of disability
  • Those who are living in Zambia with a disability often face social isolation as well as physical barriers such as access to public buildings and being apart of the community  by attending school and receiving healthcare

What are we doing in Zambia?

  • So far we have distributed 11,020 wheelchairs
  • We have been distributing chairs there since 2004
  • This year so far we have given 1,650 wheelchairs away

Thank you for helping us change lives everyday with the gift of mobility!

Check back in tomorrow for a Friday Story from Zambia.